Elemental Chaos

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Hommlet to Nulb

A quick synopsis before I forget what happened . . .

Leaving behind the comfort and safety of Hommlet, the party journeyed to Nulb via the unused road that passes through the Gnarley Forest.

Mathis was able to guide the party safely through the forest until an unfortunate accident while crossing a ravine delayed the party. As a result the party spent the night in the forest and met Lupus “Lou” who demanded payment for the use of “his” forest as a campground. Not wanting to forfeit their horses, Osric deliberately insulted Lou and his two companions and combat ensured. Low and company were actually werewolves and after a vicious battle the werewolves were driven off although all the party’s mounts were lost in the forest and subsequently eaten.

The party continued to Nulb in order to determine the location of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Osric and Dayliss attempted to get into the good graces of the local pirate captain Tolub. But, as they attempted to bluff their way into his good graces they actually insulted him by wasting his time. Captain Tolub then had the two would be “pirates” beaten and thrown into the manure ridden muddy streets of Nulb minus their money pouches.

Darkeena and Pixie then stepped up to try their chances of getting some information out of Rannos and were able to use their feminine “wiles” to learn that regular shipments of slaves/sacrifices were being sent to the Temple.

With Mathis’ astute tracking, the party was able to follow a trampled path to the recently forgotten Temple and gain entry.

The party explored the upper Temple ruins but oddly found little of note or value. They did find three stair cases leading deeper into the Temple as well as a well containing a narrow circlular staircase. To top it off, Darkeena unlocked the secret of the High Throne and the party was able to descend to a lower level of the Temple complex. Determining that they had blundered into the throne room of Zuggtmoy herself, the party beat a hasty retreat back up the throne shaft before they all died a horrible death at the hands of the demoness.

Leaving the main Temple the party then cleaned out a half destroyed guard tower on the temple ground’s perimeter and met their first Earth Temple Priest. Now, it is assumed the former “guard” tower will be their base of operations . . . for now . . .

Hail Orcus!

This game was  . . . . how would I describe it? Huge? We had, 7-9 players throughout the evening. If we were playing 3.5 I'd be on Xanax and in a rubber room. Thankfully, 4e did a great job (again) of smoothing play and I could maintain sanity with a beer.

The new players arrived in Death's Reach via "soul comet", being plucked out of their normal existence by their respective gods to aid in the fight against Orcus.  Almost immediately, the group was accosted by an Elder Blue Dragon that did a flyby and performied a "wing tap" on Osric (I think?). The entire party dove for cover and hid as best they could.  Except for Osric. Osric boldly confronted the dragon, convinced it to land and then engaged in a clever tete-a-tete which was on the verge of succeeding until . . . . . right when Osric was about the seal the deal, . . .  a large snap and crunching sound erupted from Groo's hiding place. Apparently Groo took this interlude before possible death to eat a pickle. It is the only explanation for Osric's subsequent failure and the resulting dragon battle. Of course, it is well known that Groo always wanted to fight a dragon.

It was a good fight, nobody died although the Dragon proceeded to open a whole can of whoop-ass on the party.  Az'rael(sp) was able to cleverly "snatch away" a powerful protective charm the dragon had which allowed the party to drive the dragon off. Although one might wonder what a pissed-off blue dragon that just had his prized magic item stolen might be thinking.

A few days later the party was looking for any excuse to get away from the constant recitation of the tax codes by Althaer (High Accountant of Pelor and member of the Golden Abacus).  Thankfully a celestial meteor provided a diversion. The landing sight of the meteor was guarded by a Boneswarm and something that looked like a pretty good version of death. Groo, who was uncharacteristically closest to "Death" had his life force sucked out in one round and collapsed in disbelief. Althaer fell into a pit and was stuck there for most of the encounter, oddly enough nobody helped him get out (which he eventually managed to do on his own).  Hmmmm . . . .

Finally, at Nerul's Gate there were two battles. The first, against an undead Marilith with undead Treants who were trying to connect the gate to the Abyss. By the way, a Marilith has six swords and apparently no respect for the tax code as she repeatedly killed Athaer. Orcus (his Aspect) made an appearance in the second battle. But Frost had the biggest problem as he was dominated by a ghost for most of the battle. 

 And so the party learned from The Raven Queen herself that they must travel to the Reliquary of Timesus to prevent the agents of Orcus (The Ebon Riders, et al) from making use of the primordial's power.



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